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Legal Activity Areas

Our team of professionals aims to assist and support our clients, in any question or difficulty that they may have along their lives, on a national and international level. And that is why the areas of legal activity practiced are the ones that you can find below.

Real Estate and Construction


- Constitution and licensing of Real Estates and

- Construction companies ;
- Building contracts and sub-contracts;
- Real Estate contracts;
- Condominium constitution and general assistance;
- Obtaining planning permissions, habitation/ utilization licenses, tourist licenses;

- Projects and plans;

- Deeds;

- Power of attorney.

Tax Law 


- Tax planning and advice;
- Fiscal Representation;
- Lawsuits appeals (and), fiscal claims and pledge in litigious taxation;
- Tax Regime non-habitual resident status;

- Other fiscal matters. 

Commercial Law


- Constitution, changing and liquidation of companies;

- Constitution, changing and extinction of associations;
- Constitution and re-domiciliation of offshor associations;
- Creation of branches, agencies and other kind of company representations;
- Purchase and sale of shares and respective transfer;
- Assistance in investment procedures in Portugal. 

Family and Inheritance Law 


- Pre-Nuptial Agreements;
- Marriage procedures;
- Separation and/or Divorce;
- Child custody disputes;
- Wills;
- Proof of heirs.

Social Security and Labor Law


- Social security subscription (individuals and companies);
- Disciplinary legal proceedings;
- Individual labor contracts and their respective breach;
- Other labor issues. 

Public Law 


- Assistance in planning and construction projects of enterprises and their various administrative procedures;
- Urban development contracts;
- Environmental and Agriculture licenses;
- licences for the exploitation of  water.

Civil and Criminal Law 


- Legal advices lawsuits, appeals, fine appeals, including other matters related with civil and criminal law;
- Recognition and execution of foreign court decisions.

- Lawsuit debt collection;

- Judicial Executions.

Banking and Finance


- Opening bank accounts;
- Banking contracts, namely loans applications, consumer credit, purchase and sale with loan and with or without mortgage or other real and personal guarantee;
- Leasing, long term let and renting. 



- Civil Law;

- Fiscal Law;

- Commercial Law;

- Criminal Law.



- Condominium constitution and general assistance;
- Legal advices about concrete situations;
- Debt collection condominium ;
- Lawsuits against debtors condominium.

Law infractions


- Right to Hearing in process breaches;
- Judicial Impugnment.

Notarial and Registry Law 


- Deeds;
- Land registry;

- Commercial register;

- Vehicles register.

Industrial Property 


- Protection of private property rights, through the registration of trademarks, brands and patents;

- Protections of personal data.

Other Activities 


- Vehicle legalization;

- Permanent residence in Portugal and visas;

- Legal opinion;

- Legal translations.

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